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NOTIC "three fit." when choose LED products


NOTIC "three fit." when choose LED products

On April 19th, 2015. Xi An quality supervision Bureau informed the product inspection results in the first quarter of this year. In casual clothing for men / pants, women's shoes, LED lamp / fluorescent lamp , steel, ceramic tiles total of seven kinds of product quality, the average pass rate 92.5%.

Thereinto, the LED lamp / Fluorescent lamp are favored by consumers because of its energy saving, but the rate of qualified products on the market these only 75%, becoming the minimum qualified rate products in first quarter of this year .

Aim at LED lamp / fluorescent lamp, focusing on the  major shopping malls, supermarkets and building materials market, a total of 15 companies were random inspection on the city, a total inspection sample of 20 batches, and 15 batches are qualified,  pass rate for 75% , thereinto 5 batches are not qualified, mainly for the index of symbol, power and color temperature are not pass, Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau issued consumer alerts, people need to buy products with "three fit." as follows:

1. Select the appropriate power. When consumers buy a light source, you should pay attention to marks on the product, according to the specific using condition to select power,

tone parameters meet the requirements of the product, to choose the appropriate power  lights.

2. Select the appropriate color temperature. Different color temperature light source products, its luminous color is also different. Lighting products on the market, generally

on the base or outer box with a letter or directly with the Chinese marked by the appropriate light color and color temperature. Consumers purchase should note the difference.

3. Select the appropriate size of the structure. Note the lamp base and plastic parts are secure, if not strong enough, the lamp base have danger to fall during the installation

. Consumers should choose the right size depending on the use of lighting, do not blindly pursue large-size light to caused the inconvenience handling.

In addition, it should be noted the two points when using of lighting, that the use of lighting : First, we must pay attention to regular replacement; second: pay attention to

safety, before installation, we should cut off the power off firstly.


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