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Why the price of led light differ so much?


   As we all know,with the society and economy developed,led lighting is gradually replacing our traditional lamp,such as incandescent bulb and energy saving lamp.But now the price of led light in the market is very confused. Why does it happen?I assume that we can analyse from its structure.As is known to us.Led lamp consists of LED,power driver and outer housing.

   This device is the core part of led lamp.the lighting of lamp is from LED.It has some technical index.Such as Rendering index,colour temperature,Lumens.All of these factores determine the quality of the price is different a lot from different suppliers.
2.Power driver
   This device is the heart of led lamp.The lamp can’t work without it such as the engine of cars.Its function is to supply the rated voltage and current for led.But different driver have different quality and price.Such as isolated driver is better than non isolated driver.Isolated driver can pass LVD directive of CE,but non isolated drive can’t reach this.
But the price of isolated driver is much more expensive than non isolated driver.So many supplier would prefer to use non isolated driver in order to decrease the cost.
3.Outer housing
  This accessory is to protect the driver and led inside,and its another function is to conduct the heat from led.Now the heat dissipation performance of led lamp is a very giant
Challenge for worldwide manufacturers.And different materials have different heat dissipation performance and price.The aluminium is the best,the second is ceramic,
The third plastic.But alumnium price is also the highest,the plastic price is the lowest.So some suppliers have to use plastic housing instead of aluminium in order to decrease the price.

   Till now we should understand why the quotation of led light is different much.Different solution means different quality,warranty,so the price is also different.We just can do the only way to provide the best solution for our clients as per their demand.Jiangsu Anyuan Appliances Co.,Ltd is always to provide the best solution according the clients’ requirements to let them get the best cost-effect items. such as ANYUAN's led bulb, led spotlight, led tube, led panel light, led Flood light and led street light.All of them have LVD EMC,CE ceritificate by TUV approval.




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