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Let’s talk about the Led Street light and Led Tunnel light today


With High-speed development of Led Technology, more and more people are taking participation in Led field. Having many attractive type and High-quality Led series, Specially includes Led Street light, Led tunnel light, Receiving many respect from Oversea Group company whose are in specalized in Goverment Project. By 14 years’ Manufacturers and Above profiles, Jiangsu Anyuan is your the one and Only choice. Now, Let’s together to analyse the Advantage as following:


<1> International Germany TUV Rehinland Certification.
By the Year of 2006, Our Company designed New types of Led Street lights and Led tunnel lights, using Superior Finned aluminum, having great Heat-dissipation and High-water proof degree. For up to High-quality quality standard, Our company apply from Shanghai TUV Rehinland Group to do CE test(Including EMC and LVD), By the effort of Engineer department and TUV Engineer, Our Led Street lights finally through TUV Laboratory test one bye one.

<2>Using High profile and Long lifetime
Compared other Led street light and Led tunnel light manufacturer, Our Led Street light using Imported USA Cree Chips and Taiwan Minell drivers, It’s lumen can up to 100lm/w-120lm/w, Lifetime can up to more than 50000 hours.

<3> High Rendersing Index and Warranty
In keeping with Newest European Energy standard, Our company Using High-quality standard Led chips, it’s Color rendering index 90, the spectrum is very close to the spectrum of the sun light, known as the "artificial small sun", suitable for human visual perception and Evening Road vehicles.
Warranty is first and important factors will be considered by Goverment project. Our Led street light and Led Tunnel lights can up to 6 years fully even higher.

<4> Low light decay, Can quick start and Wide Volatge.
Compared with Demostic Led street lights and Led Tunnel light, Our European Products have Only 3% lumens of light decay, maintenance rate: 8000 hours more than 90%, Switch instant bright light, and frequently have no effect and Input voltage range of AC to 180 ~ 260V, voltage fluctuation of luminous flux and life.


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