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what cause to make the led chips damaged?


   As the popular of LED lighting market, making more and more people into this field, LED lighting products have a lot of categories on the market today , such as has been the superior product: LED tube light, LED down light, LED panel lights, LED flood light etc. The quality of these products on the market are uneven levels, causing the user to buy some unqualified products, so as to have lost confidence in LED lighting products, AnYuan analyze several factors what damage the LED chips today, LED as a solid chip, usually can not easily to be damaged, but we buy the products has a problem sometimes, what causes it? Now, let’s analyze together, the cause not less than the following: 

1, the voltage is too high

   The voltage of LED chips has a rated range, If the voltage beyond this range, it will certainly damage the LED chips, making it cannot work, this may be a direct relationship between the quality of power supply of LED lights. In general, the mainstream LED power supply are with constant current, No matter how changeable of the voltage in a city, but it will supply a constant work current to the chips, so that the voltage will receive the impact and ensure the safety of LED chips within a normal range

2, the temperature is too high

   LED interior lighting shell are with improper heat treatment, or simply do not have a design of heat treatment , so it makes LED chips working long hours at a high temperature, let lights come into brightness decay in advance, even it will cannot work any more after a time.

3, anti-static

   Many people may not know, a little light chips will be damaged by static electricity actually , yes, In the process of light assembly if there is no static protective measures, it will make the chip damaged when assemble it.

4, short-circuit

   In the production process of LED lighting products,  if one LED chips result in a short circuit because of itself, then its original voltage will be pass on another chips, the voltage of another chips will be  too high and causing damage.

5.the electricity is too high in an instant

  During the installation of the product, It don’t do a good ground connection, then the lights will have static cling and lead to big electricity in an instant, it will make the chip damaged.



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